Year: 2011

Christmas opening hours

Hey all Merry Christmas to all valued customers , here is the opening hours for the last week of the year. We need a little break so please forgive our short hours, cause Timmy and me need a little time with our family. 26th...

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Sorry but I’m Santa at the moment

Hey all So so so sorry, we have a lot in the shop to show you all but we are getting pumped in the shop at the moment. I will get on to it asap after Christmas to give you an idea on what goodies we offer for all you good...

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Sneak peek at the chook shed

After a epic surf , done some business picked up some logs from Vane , 4D, and some of my own boards from the factory, dropped in to Maurice Cole’s factory to pick up a few customs and took a few pics off what Rob was...

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