Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

Zak Surfboards Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers (BUY NOW) are a great idea as a present for that special person who likes to get coastal. We have set these up in a super easy fashion so you can grab one and either:

  • print out the gift voucher and give it in person
  • Email the voucher straight to the recipient
  • or pick up a voucher directly from us in store

If you are buying one from us online, simply select the voucher with the amount you wish to give to and add to cart. In the checkout process you will be asked to fill in the following fields:

  • Sender Name (the name of the person or people giving the voucher)
  • Recipient Name (the name of the person that you are giving the voucher to)
  • Recipient Email *(the person that the voucher will be emailed to) *If you want to print it out yourself and give the voucher in person please make sure you put your email address in this field
  • Send Voucher On This Date & Time (Leave this field blank if you want to send the voucher immediately or you can specify a time for it to be sent to the recipient’s inbox)
  • Gift Voucher Message (This is the message that will appear on the gift voucher email – so add something suitable if you please)

Following filling these fields, simple continue through the Checkout process to complete your order. If you are printing out the voucher and giving it in person you will be emailed the voucher complete with artwork ready to print at home.

If you are stuck for time and/or are struggling to pick something out take all the guess work out of gift giving and let them pick out something they really want/need. Grab a Gift Voucher from us now (BUY NOW)

Gift Vouchers Zak Surfboards

Padded Vests by PaddleAir

Padded Vests by PaddleAir

We have just got a full range of the PaddleAir Padded Vests in store at Zak Surfboards. Fantastic products to allow you to get out in the water and stay out there longer with less pain and irritation. The two styles we have are the Ergo by PaddleAir & the Rib Rocket by PaddleAir ( SHOP NOW ).

The Ergo Padded Vests have an inflatable bladder that sits between your ribs and the board. You can adjust the amount of air inside to both customize the amount cushioning and the angle that you lie at. This put you not only in comfort but also at the perfect angle for paddling (significantly decreasing the load on you back). These are a great option for longer sessions – pumping days at home or on trips away, when extended time on your board leads to sore ribs.

If rib and chest pain alone is your concern then the Rib Rocket padded vest could be your answer. This vest has strategically placed PVC foam padding sewn into the chest. Protecting areas where your ribs come in contact with the board during prone paddling.

These padded vests are ergonomically designed for performance and built out of neoprene and lycra. They work well worn alone over trunks or over a wetsuit. Slip it over your wetsuit in winter or wear it by itself in summer.  If you’ve had issues with your ribs, pressure lumps, shoulder trouble or back pain then these are product worth checking out. Come in store and check them out or grab one of these padded vests from us online ( SHOP NOW )

Lost Rocket Redux

Lost Rocket Redux

Lost Rocket Redux Pic on Wall

The Lost Rocket Redux ( SHOP NOW ) has been one of the hottest boards in the shop this summer. With exceptional speed, drive and maneuverability in all waves ankle to moderate size. Grab one of these and you definitely increase your ability to shred no matter the conditions.

The original Rocket was a design built by Noah Budroe for Shane Beschen’s son to learn on. However, once it got under Shane’s feet for a couple of waves, everything changed. He then bought that board to Matt Mayhem Biolos to fine tune. The resulting “Rocket” design that the two later released went on to be a best seller worldwide, a design that both pros and bros could rip on in a variety of conditions.

More than a decade later, Matt has revisited the design, with a few fresh ideas for a new generation to enjoy… The ROCKET REDUX. Retaining the key (original) ROCKET design and magic from that signature design and adding a few tweaks from performance designs since.

Lost Rocket Redux Nose and tail top
Lost Rocket Redux Bottom shot on wall
Lost Rocket Redux Nose and tail bottom

The Rocket Redux keeps that low entry rocker for speed and drive, counter-balanced by a healthy amount of tail curve. This combination results in oodles of speed and drive off the front foot, with fantastic ability to break line and turn off the tail.  This rocker, combined with a generous amount of concave, gives the board quite a straight center line rocker and a generous rail rocker. The result of this combination is a board with plenty of lift and liveliness underfoot. The wide tail block and the rather parallel, bullet like, outline provides plenty of carry, speed and projection. The “Rocket” tail, adds much needed bite so you can easily keep the rail in the water while knifing through steeper sections or solid, rear footed carves.

For the Redux, the curves throughout the design have been subtly revised / refined from the original.  Matt has taken what he has learnt in the 10 year period since the original to improve the design with lower rails, and subtle tweaks to the concaves and rocker. The resulting design is:

“Fast, precise, playful and just plain fun, the ROCKET Redux is fast paddling, easy to ride, iconic, every day, speed burning, pocket turning, no need for good waves yearning, bullet of a board for everyone. “ Matt Mayhem Biolos

The Lost Rocket Redux ( SHOP NOW )

Boxing Day Sale

Boxing Day Sale

We are having a Boxing Day Sale with some great deals for you – our loyal customers.

Everything in the shop will be 20% off (excluding new surfboards and sale items).

We will have a Huge range of Surfboards that we have reduced the price on. Some as low as $450.

All of our Logs & Longboards on the racks have been discounted by at least $100. Some great options as low as $800.

On the day if you buy a new board we’ll also give you a discount of 30% off whatever other Hardware, Accessories, Wetsuits you want with the board (covers, fins, tail pads etc)

All Flippers will be reduced by 30% and we will have other one off deals on a variety of items.

Our Boxing Day Sale is in store only (no online unfortunately). If you are interstate though, you can call us and we can do those deals over the phone.

Make Your Own Board Course

Make Your Own Board Course

Make Your Own Board Course

Make Your Own Board Course dates for 2020 (BOOK NOW) at the Surfboard Studio are now live. We have spots right through the year in different times available now for you to book yourself in!! If you have ever wanted to make your own surfboard then this is the course for you.

Make Your Own Board Course

The Make Your Own Board Course is completed in small groups (4-5 people). You are supervised (with 2 instructors per group) through each stage of design and construction. With an expert, you plan out and build a surfboard from start to finish over the course of 2 Saturday sessions.

Each day of the Make Your Own Board Course is is full,hands on experience of approximately 7-10 hours. During day one you are lead through the intricacies of shaping and design. Including planning shapes, bottom contours, nose and tail, rocker lines, deck shapes and rail shapes. Here you learn fin and plug installation, including various theories around fin positioning for boards.

In day two of the Make Your Own Board Course, you move to the glassing stage. Here you learn about various techniques and materials used in glassing a surfboard. You can also opt to add logos and colours to your resin as extras at this stage. Then you cut your own cloth, mixing the resin and laminating your own board. Following this you sand and finish your board and get it ready to get in the water! At the end of the second session you come out with your own new surfboard, finished and ready to surf the next day. How good is that! Hit the link below to find out more about the Make Your Own Board Course or to book in (CLICK HERE)

If you want to buy someone a Make Your Own Board Course Gift Voucher for one of these courses hit this link (CLICK HERE)

Summer Board Package Deals 2019/2020

Summer Board Package Deals 2019/2020

Things have finally warmed up around here at Zak Surfboards and we would like to give you a basic rundown on our new summer package deals. If you are considering buying your first surfboard this summer, these prices and information will give you a rough guide on what you will be spending this summer. The brands that we will be including in our packages are TORQ, NSP, G Board, G-Lite, Ryder, Softech and  Zak.

The main things to remember with the summer deals are all boards come with a basic set of fins and the packages are optional on all brands listed above. We have made some imagery to explain the deals in the upmost simplicity. 


So the package includes :

Also, in the diagram above you will notice that the predominant package price for all these boards are $120. That is until you choose a board that is 8 feet in length or longer. This then bumps the package price up to $135.

G Board Package Deals

For G Boards – BUY HERE


For all other brands and info CLICK HERE.

Torq Surfboard Package Deals

For Torq Surfboards click – HERE

Also, we would like to inform you of one more summer package. We are offering 20% off storewide if you buy 2 x bodyboards worth more than $150. This excludes other surfcraft. Explained in the diagram below…

This is just a basic rundown of our package deals for the summer of 2019/2020 but do not hesitate to give the shop a call on 03 94167384 for any further inquiries or visit our online store HERE

Astro Pop by Pyzel

Astro Pop by Pyzel

Pyzel Astro Pop

Astro Pop by Pyzel (SHOP NOW) – fresh in store at Zak Surfboards for Summer. This is a board that is built to get you motivated to get in the water, even when conditions are less than ideal. The Astro Pop is perfect for that bit of spark in weaker, slower waves. All the benefits of a shorter wider shape with-out losing that performance feeling.

Pyzel Astro Pop Collage 1

Based off the Quad fin Astro design Jon has been making for years, the Pyzel Astro Pop has a more pulled in nose and tail. There is also little wing to help pull in the last 4 inches of the tail. This wing creates extra curve in the outline, tightening it’s turning circle while retaining that speedy fish feel. The bottom contour of the Astro Pop features a relatively deep double concave that then transitions to a vee off the tail. This concave assists the board in planing up on top of the water, even in slower, weaker waves. The vee is specially tuned to make the Astro Pop seamlessly roll over onto it’s rail. Helping you get the board on rail & keep it there during full rail turns at high speeds.

Pyzel Astro Pop

The Astro Pop has a moderate beak in the nose, allowing for plenty of foam through the front 1/3 of the board. This really helps with general paddle power and glide into waves because of the extra thickness up to the tip. Despite this extra volume, the Astro Pop doesn’t feel overly chunky. It is a model that is more of a daily driver type board with excellent coverage in the grovel.

Jon recommends the Astro Pop as a quad, for speed and extra fin area near the rail. It comes stock with a 5-fin setup though so you can maximize your fin options. Jon recommends riding it as short as you want with a thickness that gives you a bit more volume than your everyday shortboard. Check out these and the rest of or Pyzel Surfboards on the rack in store or ONLINE

Takayama In The Pink

Takayama In The Pink

Takayama In The Pink

The Takayama In The Pink (SHOP NOW). One of the many Donald Takayama models that we have recently added to our racks at Zak Surfboards. Billed as the ultimate high performance noserider this is by far one of his best selling models. A boards that is a welcome addition to anyone’s surfboard quiver.

Takayama In The Pink

Able to surf anything from one foot dribblers to solid overhead conditions. The in the Pink successfully combines the best features from traditional and modern longboard designs. Plenty of trim and glide, while remaining nimble and easy to redirect. The Takayama in the Pink is a great choice as the one and only longboard you own.

With soft, tucked rails for the perfect combination of hold and release. Coupled with a fuller outline & finely tuned foil, the Takayama In the Pink design is truely a joy to surf. Stable and predictable to walk and noseride, with fantastic wave pick-up. Off the tail its all smooth carving and catch-free transitions from rail to rail.

Takayama In The Pink

Donald Takayama’s legacy is a decades long history of shaping boards for some of history’s best surfers. Nat Young, David Nuuhiwa & Joel Tudor are just a few of the noteable surfers that Donald has fine tuned his designs with. Famous for his progressive designs and shaping heritage, Donald effortlessly combines the best aspects of traditional and high performance designs.

The Donald Takayama In The Pink (SHOP NOW) is now one our racks – drop by the shop and check them out in person or shop our collection online

Lost Driver 2.0

Lost Driver 2.0

Lost Driver 2.0 (SHOP NOW) is their latest Pro-formance Shortboard model. The design is a result of an ongoing process of direct feedback, refinement. A Process of rigorous testing from team riders to meet their performance demands. (Specifically Kolohe Andino, Griffin Colapinto, Carissa Moore and Caroline Marks)

...Lost Driver 2.0

Despite the pro focus in this model’s development, the Lost Driver 2.0 is actually somewhat easier to ride than many of the HP shortboards on the market. The Driver 2.0 has a moderate “no flip tip” entry rocker (for plenty of board speed off take off). These is also a touch of extra area in the front end (for even more drive off the front foot). These features mean that you won’t have to be super precise with positioning to get the board going.  Also making this model more appropriate than many HP shortboards for our local slopey wave faces.

Lost Driver 2.0

The extra area up front also creates a stable platform for your front foot. A platform for landing late drops and manoeuvres in critical parts of the wave. The rocker and outline combined with a bit of extra foam along the stringer (with a more pronounced “vee” deck) and low, yet forgiving rails gives you great paddle power and drive. A lower rail helps retain sensitivity. Giving you the ability to easily engage the rail and knife it into the wave face. Despite the added thickness in the Lost Driver 2.0, it won’t feel overly “corky”. The thinner, yet boxy rails, with, with more edge through the tail gives you fantastically quick reaction times from heel to toe.  With plenty of control over hold and release at high speeds.

Lost Driver 2.0

A touch of extra rail rocker through the tail has been added for ability to break line and draw nice, tight radius arcs.  This combination of rail rocker with a deeper concave under the rear foot has been used in the Lost Driver 2.0 for extra POP. Overall, the dimensions and volume are slightly more generous from previous incarnations of this design. This gives you more momentum and extra glide. While still retaining a proper HP responsive ride.

If you are after a new HP whip that will excel in local waters – then the Lost Driver 2.0 (SHOP NOW) is well worth checking out. Drop by the shop or browse our collection of Lost surfboards Online

Introducing Hurley…

Introducing Hurley…

We are more than elated to announce our recent addition of Hurley Wetsuit’s & Apparel into our retail/online store. Hurley has been producing some of the finest quality, high performance boardshort’s and wetsuit’s since its in inception in 1998. The brand was first started by Bob Hurley in Costa Mesa in 1979 as Bob’s surfboard shaping company but then Hurley international (fully fledged surf brand) began in 1998. Hurley have been true innovators of surf apparel since the beginning and really implement a core involvement in all surrounding entities. (Surf, skate, art, music…)

Check out our whole range HERE but I would like to go into more detail about some of the products…


The first taste of our new Hurley range is the Advantage Max 3/2mm Fullsuit. This suit will comfortably get you through about 9 months of the year in Victoria. With a zipperless entry for easy access, strategically placed seams for maximum flexibility and lightweight pads that absorb less water.

This suit’s construction is made of 100% Exoflex Stretch Material Neoprene, double-glued and blind stitched seams and spot tape at each seam junction for durability. They are retailing for $549.99 and have the classic 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty. BUY HERE.

Another addition to the Hurley range are the Phantom boardshorts. The Phantom boardshort has been a staff favourite since we were all wee grommets and they are well and truly the pioneers of the 4-way stretch. There is nothing worse than wearing a heavy pair of cardboard shorts that are giving you rash during a 3 hour session in the tropics. These shorts are designed to be as light and stretchy as humanly possible and there will be no going back once feeling the freedom of the Phantom.


We are currently stocking two types of the Phantom, the Block Party Solid 18 inch and the Hyperweave 3.0 18 inch. They are both part of the Phantom 4-way stretch range but the Block Party sits at a less expensive price point. The main difference is the Hyperweave 3.0 has more more elasticity around the waist with a functional livewire threaded throughout. These contract and expand as you move for a truly adaptive fit.

The Block Party Solid 18 inch. BUY HERE.

They both sit at a friendly 18 inch length which is aimed to be just above the knee. They are also constructed from 86% recycled polyester with the remaining 14% being elastane. The Block Party trunks sit at a comfortable retail price of $89.99 with the high-tech Hyperweave 3.0 sitting at $149.99.

The Hyperweave 3.0 18 inch. BUY HERE.

Hurley has enhanced our collection substantially coming into the most important season of the year. These items are a must have for summer 2020. Whether you are going to swim laps in your local pool or heading down the west coast for an early surf on a blistering 20 knot WSW frosty morning. We look forward to a bright future working alongside Hurley and bringing the newest neoprene and apparel to you! (Our customers)

Check it all HERE !

Thank you for reading,


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