Mid Length boards combine elements of both shortboards and longboards and are generally sized 7 to 8 feet (2.1 to 2.4 m). They are sometimes called a fun-board. The design allows waves to be caught more easily than a shortboard, and makes it more manoeuvrable than a longboard. It rates as a popular board among beginners, or those transitioning from long-boarding to short-boarding.


CI Mid now in store

CI Mid now in store

CI MID the best of retro fused with a touch of modern design. The perfect combination of trim, glide, speed and carve.

Doug Rogers Shapes

We have just got in a bunch of Doug Rogers shapes. Generous on foam, without sacrificing performance.

Zak Mini Mal now in store

Zak Mini Mal now in store

Perfect if you that want more paddle power and glide, but don’t want to sacrifice authority and manoeuvrability

South Coast Eggs on our racks

South Coast Eggs on our racks

We have a few pretty epic looking South Coast Eggs on our racks at the moment.  Hand shaped, with cut lap resin tints - a couple of 7'4"s and a 7'6".  If you are after a nice cruisey mid length, with a variety of fin options then these are definitely worth checking...

Zak Ringmaster Model

Zak Ringmaster Model

We are loaded up with stock of the Zak Ringmaster Model for the coming Summer!!! The Zak Ringmaster really ticks a lot of boxes for a lot of our customers and as a result it has been one of our bestselling models since its introduction to our range. It is Zak's take...

Channel Islands Mini

We have a full size run of the Channel Islands Mini in store at Zak Surfboards.  Designed in collaboration with team rider Kalani Robb, the Mini was created to add a bit more performance & versatility to an easy surfing, fun surfboard shape.  With an eye pleasing...

New Range of South Coast Longboards in store

We now have a great New Range of South Coast Longboards in store.  Some of the latest models from Ian Chisholm & CJ Nelson including the Aussie Slasher, the CJ Classic, the Spitfire and the DT2 . All PU, handshaped by Ian in Torquay and glassed in 2 x 6 oZ...

Firewire Machado and Wingnut models

We now have the new Firewire Machado and Wingnut models in store, hanging on our racks at Zak Surfboards.  Three big boxes arrived at the shop yesterday and I've finally finished photographing and listing the each individually on our online store. We now have a full...

Zak Ringmaster Round Tail

Zak Ringmaster Round Tail The Zak Ringmaster design has and continues to tick a lot of boxes for a lot of our customers. As a result it has been one of our bestselling models since its introduction to our range. It is Zak's take on a hybrid style fish, containing all...

Firewire Greedy Beaver now In Store

We have a size run of the new Firewire Greedy Beaver now In Store.  This unique craft combines a shrunk or compressed longboard shape, with a shortboard bottom and rocker to create a ride that is unlike anything else. The wider nose and fuller outline up front means...

Coloured Zak Models

Coloured Zak Models

We have a bunch of new Coloured Zak Models in store courtesy of our talented glasser/sander Darren 'Dibby' Milliken.  Tail dips comboed with white and black vector cloth & coloured Futures fin boxes to boot.  Should have a pretty steady run of different colours in...

McCoy Surfboards Landed In Store

Hey Crew It's been a long wait but ZakSurfboards has a full quiver of McCoy surfboards instore. Nuggets, Double Enders and Mals on the racks or check out online store.

Board Stock now online

Heaps of new and secondhand boards now up on our online store. Have a squiz when u get a chance

Stoker V Machines Finally Land This Week

  All right everyone they are finally here Customs has held them up for the last week but will be picking them up in the next few days. Tim sorry for the wait mate and all the other crew who have prepayed will be calling you ASAP Zak

The Bonzer 5’s Have Arrived

Well nearly folks, just got some amazing photos from sally from moonlight showing us the boards which are coming to Australia. Malcolm has shaped us a quiver of Eggs, Mini Merks, Octofish and something a little different.We have done them in white wetrub finish with a...

Asymmetric Boards Any One Keen

Hey been down at plus one factory in sandiego and there's some pretty wild shapes happining down here theres a heap of twisted looking board designs and people are stoked to believe there's a market for them. Keen to get a few of these early next year. Any takers.

Here’s one strange concept

In San Diego living in Del Mar and piped into the hanger and found this strange board, had the shaper there telling me how good they go, so strangely enough I bought 20 of them. Only joking.

Campbell Brothers coming direct from California

Aloha We have been spending plenty of time down at Duncan's cafe for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mate that place has the best and cheapest food over the whole of the North Shore . Last night for Dinner we meet Megan Duncan's beautiful daughter who is doing the...