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Channel Islands Happy

A good wave board without getting into step-up/ gun territory, designed to handle higher speeds and more critical parts of the wave

JS Industries Bullseye

Occy’s brand new step down model -Built to give you extra paddle, more glide and earlier entry in to waves

Slater Designs No Brainer

a new performance groveler from Slater Designs to come out of the collaboration of Kelly Slater with Dan Mann

Winter Wetsuits

Some great options for you from Patagonia, Billabong, Xcel, Rip Curl & C-skins.


The Wetsuit Guide

Looking at buying a new wetsuit? Check out this general guide

Wetsuit Care Tips

How to look after your wetsuit & get the most life out of each suit you own

Thruster vs Quad

With 5 fin plugs becoming common in a lot of surfboards – should I surf my board as a Thruster or a Quad?