Nov 9, 2010 | Groveller, Shortboards

The Bean is essentially a hybrid model more commonly refered to as a pod, the difference being this particular model is still considered high performance. This board is ideally suited to small to medium size waves. The board while being a hybrid offers a relaxed entry rocker which will glide over flat sections . A shallow to single to double concave with vee running out through the tail will give you plenty of response. The Bean is available in Polyester and SLXC. They are in store now and you can demo the 6’0 x 20 x 2 3/8 in store now.

The Aloha Quickshift is designed to be the perfect alternative to the high performance models and is ideally suited to surfers looking for an all rounder that will perform at the local beach break, right through to the most serious reef breaks. The full figure in the front half of this board adds to the stabilty, with the flipped nose this board will paddle into steaper waves with ease. The Quickshift has a single to double concave giving the board speed when you need. A smooth curve through the tail allows the board to maintain control at high speeds.

The AF1 Tour is geared towards high performance surfing for the intermediate to advanced surfer. The extreme lightweight construction of SLXC  is what sets it apart from other performance surfboards on the market. This board has been recieved that well that team riders Richie Lovett, Jay Quinn, Matt Bemrose, Davey Vligg , plus a host of other world class surfers have added this board to their quiver. Check out boards in store now with a host of new models and if it is not in store or on the web site and the board is out there we can get it….

Cheers Tim.