Axxe Custom Wetsuits – Made In Japan

Jun 22, 2011 | Wetsuits

Hey all, yes its been a while since i have talked , instead we have been putting weird and wacky articles up about SUPS and shit to lock some key words into the Google to give us  some rank (well thats what the nerds say) well Im back.

My horrible english and spelling mistakes will humor you once again. Last week  Steve and me just received our new custom Axxe wetsuits from Japan. Chissa got us on these suits and now we have become agents for the amazing suits.

Well what can i say ,  We put the suits on at 13th beach last week and farrrrrk it is the best thing i have ever worn in my life and believe me getting 6 suits a year free from all the majors i had to pay for this and shit it is the best of the best.

We have samples instore for the Crew who want to spoil themselves with top shelf goodness, we will be doing measuring on saturday when steve is working, his the only one we trust with stripping you down to your jocks and measuring you up with a tape measure. Please call the shop to make a booking for a fit out. It takes 3 weeks tops to receive your wetsuit back from Japan ready to enjoy.

Guys I know i talk shit but these wetsuits are the best thing i have worn in the water, Im a fat bastard and hate wearing  4/3  wetty’s over winter, this 3mm suit is warmer them any 4/3 i have worn and feel like your paddling a 2/1 no bullshit.