Bells Beach Australia

Oct 29, 2010 | Guides

When it comes to finding the best surfing spot, most people will think of none other than Bells Beach Australia.  Bells Beach is most famous for the world renowned Easter Surfing Classic where riders of all standards are able to join in the fun and excitement.  You can try your hand at wave sailing, SUP, and kite surfing.  This beach first became popular for surfing back in 1949 by 3 men named Vic Tantau, Owen Yateman and Peter Troy.

As the beach developed and allowed access for the public to get to it, surfing contests started popping up this brought in more visitors.  The very first surfing contest was in January 1962 which was started up by Peter and Vic but it didn’t get completed until Easter which is why Bells Beach Australia became famous for the Easter Surfing Classic.  When it comes to long running events, this event is the longest running in Australia as well as the world which is due to the wondrous swells that form in the water.

Bells Beach Australia has plenty for people to see and do in addition to the excellent beach that people come to bask in during the warm months.  The Easter Festival offers so much for the entire family to do that you will find that you just never seem to have enough time for your vacation.  The Bay is really small but is sits in between two headlands which create the perfect setting for perfect surfing conditions.

As more and more surfers started coming to the area, it looked as if Bells beach was consistently producing world class surfers.  This was drawing the attention of many professionals in the surfing world and Bells Beach soon became the permanent home for the Easter festival and the Easter Surfing Classic.  The Easter Surfing classic can be found near Torquay which lies in Victoria on the southern coast.

If surfing is not your thing then you may want to take in the beautiful sites of Australia around Bells Beach on a cycling tour.  Some people prefer to rent their own bicycle so that they can leisurely see the sites.  You can even hire transportation via a bicycle to take you along Torquay as well as Bells Beach or you can relax and enjoy a stroll along the great ocean road.

The Easter Surfing Classic later changed names to the Rip Curl Pro Surf & Music Festival and it is still known today as being the longest running surfing competition where people come from all over the world to either watch the surfers or to give it a try to see just how well they can stand on a surfboard.  Whether you are a pro or you are just taking your first lesson, there is something for everyone to do at Bells Beach Island in Victoria Australia.