Board of the day – installment 1

Nov 23, 2012 | Fish Surfboards


G’day crew, this is the first in a new series of blogs which will introduce you all to some of the new board models we have in store at the moment. Zak has already briefly introduced you all to some of the new summer board models we have received recently and I just wanted to bring you all up to speed with one of the best we have in store at the moment – the JR Voodoo. We all know summer can be a bit of a bummer for waves but it doesn’t have to be if you have a board that allows you to get the most out of the summer months.

JR calls this his performance fish but that description doesn’t really do this board justice. It’s full through the nose for super easy paddling but unlike a lot of other stubby small wave boards, the Voodoo is about as snappy as you are going to get. The flattened out rocker means it is super fast and the extra width will get you through the dead sections with ease. Here is what JR himself has to say about the new model: “Designed with high performance in mind, the Voodoo comes standard as a tri-quad set up for versitility. The Voodoo has a flat entry rocker to a very flat tail rocker. Its plan shape being wide through the nose with a wide rounded diamond tail or “coffin tail”, unique to the Voodoo model. The plan shape gives this board plenty of paddle speed and ability to catch waves with ease. The wide coffin tail gives a smooth feel through turns and performs unbelievably in small to medium waves. The bottom shape consists of single concave running from the nose through to deep single double and a slight vee off the tail. This combination gives the Voodoo ridiculous amounts of down the line speed and the smoothest transition through its turns. This is the modern day performance fish and a must have board. Suitable for 1-4 Foot waves and ridden 6 inches shorter than your pro series dimensions.”


In addition to the Voodoo being one of the most unique and interesting summer boards this year, JR is also offering some sick tints and sprays (like the one you see in the photo) for only $55 more. They can also be ordered in normal PU, standard 201 eps and the new 201 tri-flex eps/epoxy construction. The one in the photo is mine – so you better get in and put your name on another!


Oh – and check the photo below. How good does Zakka look in neoprene!