C-Skins Rewired 4/3

May 13, 2020 | Wetsuits

C-Skins Rewired 4/3 Collage 1





The C-Skins ReWired 4/3 ( SHOP NOW ) has arrived in store at Zak Surfboards. If you’re after a winter wetsuit that doesn’t skimp on flexibility then this is definitely a suit to check out.



For this 2020 winter the C-Skins ReWired 4/3 has had a couple of significant changes that improve not only the comfort, stretch and fit but also the durability of the suit. One of the main improvements is the new Enigma 3 Zip with a Single Cinch design. This significantly reduces bulk and increases freedom of movement across the chest with out compromising the seal of the suit.





C-Skins Rewired 4/3 Collage 2


This chest zip design combined with the all-new Halo X neoprene throughout the upper body gives the C-Skins ReWired 4/3 incredible freedom of movement in the upper body. The Halo X neoprene has a super soft jersey used on the outside of the suit. It is remarkably soft and flexible compared to other brands offerings.


C-Skins ReWired 4/3


Inside the C-Skins ReWired 4/3 there is a new low pile thermal lining and very low profile Xtend Isolation taped seams throughout the entire suit. This new lining feels amazing against your skin and is far less bulky compared to other brands fluffy/furry linings. Less bulk in the arms and legs leaves less of a gap between the suit and your skin. Leaving less gap for water to gather in your suit & helps to maximize comfort and flexibility when you are in the suit.


  • Halo X neoprene upper body
  • Xtend Isolation taped seams
  • FutureFit 2
  • 3D Pre-bent Dura Flex knee pads
  • Super Seal Glideskin collar
  • Enigma 3 chest entry with single cinch
  • Iris II closure
  • Liquid taped wrist seal
  • Seamless paddle zones
  • True thickness
  • Key pocketĀ 


Come and check the C-Skins ReWired 4/3 and all the other wetsuits we have in store or shop our range online ( SHOP NOW )