C-Skins Wired 43 in store at Zak Surfboards

Aug 5, 2016 | Water Apparel, Wetsuits

C-Skins Wired 43 in store at Zak SurfboardsWe currently have a full size run of the C-Skins Wired 43 in store at Zak Surfboards – one of our most popular selling wetsuits the past couple of Winters, if you haven’t pulled the trigger on a new winter suit yet, definitely come in store and check one of these out!!

C-Skins Wired 43 in store at Zak SurfboardsThe C-Skins Wired 43 is one of the warmest, stretchiest and lightest wetsuits on the market.  These suits are expertly constructed with materials unique to C-Skins and have been designed with  with an attention to detail that other brands simply don’t have.

Constructed entirely out of C-Skins Air Foam Neoprene – the most lightweight premium wetsuit neoprene available.  It is 20% lighter than traditional neoprene and stretchier without sacrificing warmth or durability. An additional Nitrogen gas mix is used to increase the aeration of the foam, this foam doesn’t soak up and hold as much water as other neoprenes – the end result is a wetsuit that is insanely warm, really light to wear and very flexible.

These steamers are thermally lined with DryKnit chest and back lining – C-skins exclusive high performance neoprene lining. Dryknit is a multi function textile made up of several layers that increases warmth and is fast drying.  This Dryknit lining doesn’t hold as much water as other thermal linings on the market – thus adding to the lightness of the suit, while still helping to keep you toasty and warm.

C-Skins Wired 43 in store at Zak SurfboardsThese suits have been sealed using GBS seams with internal taping –  creating a fully sealed, watertight, robust  seam construction.  The neoprene tape C-skins have used really stretches with the neoprene material of the suit – giving these suits one of the best sealed, stretchiest and toughest seams around.

The C-Skins Wired 43 has Lock Down cuffs – designed to make a comfortable, watertight seal against you skin by using a special toolling which makes the cuff edge completely seamless. Likened to a ‘donut’ when worn, this small panel stretches out to create the ultimate seal – minimising  cold water flushes when you take a tumble.

C-Skins pride themselves on creating wetsuits that perform – using proven technologies that are tried and tested in the often frigid European waters, so they can offer a product with true benefits rather than just marketing hype.
Come and Check out the C-Skins Wired 43 steamers in store at Zak Surfboards or grab one from us ONLINE