Channel Islands Black and White ModelWe now have a full size run of the new Channel Islands Black and White Model on our racks at Zak Surfboards.  The Black and White is an all round, high performance shortboard designed for down the line speed and easy rail-to-rail transitions.  Based on a favorite hand shape Britt Merrick made Dane Reynolds for Santa Barbara area point breaks. This model features a fairly low entry rocker, a staged flat-ish section between the feet, and an accelerated kick through the tail. A single concave runs the length of the board, is deepest near the front fins and shallows into a hint of vee exiting the tail block.

Channel Islands Black and White ModelChannel Islands Black and White Collage 1The  flat deck design of the Channel Islands Black and White offers improved flex characteristics nose to tail, a solid under-your-feet feel and a touch more foam in the rail to push against. It also allows you to ride this board a touch thinner than other performance shortboard models, so keep that in mind when scoping the dimensions.

IMG_3201 Channel Islands Black and White Collage 2
The Channel Islands Black and White in the right length is suitable for intermediate to advanced surfers as a great all round shortboard – come check them out in store or have a squiz at the and our other CI models that we have on the racks ONLINE