Channel Islands Fishbeard

Mar 13, 2020 | Fish Surfboards

Channel Islands Fishbeard ( SHOP NOW ) – one of the hottest looking whips in the shop right now. A model that is truely Oldschool meets Newschool. A great combination of a classic keel twin-fin fish shape with the modern rocker, rail and bottom contour from the Channel Islands Neckbeard 2.  Fun is the name of the game with this board. With one of these in your quiver you’ll never be lacking inspiration to shred in small to medium sized waves. 

Channel Islands FishBeard

The Channel Islands Fishbeard is a great choice for those of you that want a twin that is a touch more performance than retro.  Not so much area in the nose, not as flat rocker but still with plenty of speed & pivot. 

Drive off the front foot, from the center of the board for oodles of speed and projection down the line. Then shift your weight back to engage your fins for high speed pivot. The kind that you can only get from a twin fin.

Channel Islands FishBeard Collage 1

A full size run of these are currently on our racks in store – or you can shop them with live stock on our online store ( SHOP NOW ) . Check out the videos below for more information on the Channel Islands Fishbeard & to see it in action.