Channel Islands Happy

Jul 12, 2019 | Shortboards

Channel Islands Happy Outline Pic

The Channel Islands Happy (SHOP NOW), a new performance shortboard model for moderate to pumping surf is now in store at Zak Surfboards!. A good wave board without getting into step-up/ gun territory, the Happy is designed to handle higher speeds and more critical parts of the wave than your everyday shortboard.

Channel Islands Happy Nose & Tail Top

A paired down nose rocker combined with a little extra foam under the chest gives this design great paddle and glide for a board of it’s dimensions. The forward volume also helps with acceleration, getting you up to speed quickly. The Channel Islands Happy has a hard but relatively refined rail, thinned out tail and a slightly smaller tail block – making for a highly responsive board that you can really push through turns. The harder shaped rail means that this board is reasonably forgiving through critical maneuvers and doesn’t have to be placed as precisely as other performance shortboards.

Channel Islands Happy Outline bottom

Happy Nose & tail Bottom

The Channel Islands Happy has a classic single to double concave bottom with the single concave starting up under the front foot, transitioning into double between the fins, and flattening off the tail. This gives it the perfect combination of speed and control. Refined and tweaked with a steady stream of CI team feedback – this is a model sure not to disappoint.

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Below are a few links to some videos on the Channel Islands Happy worth looking at from head shaper Britt Merrick and a bunch of their team riders (including Dane Reynolds) and a review from Stab Magazine. Have a squiz!!