Channel Islands Rocket 9

Oct 17, 2016 | Fish Surfboards, Shortboards

Channel Islands Rocket 9We now have the Channel Islands Rocket 9 model in store on our racks at Zak’s.  This relatively new model for CI is quite the performer in a wide range of conditions.  What really stands out when you look at this board is it’s unique outline, it has a distinctly forward of centre wide point  and pulls back into a relatively tidy tail.    Despite the pulled tail and relatively pointy nose this board has a decent amount of hidden volume – meaning that you can definitely ride it a fair bit smaller than your standard shortboard while keeping your normal volume (or even opting for a touch more for extra paddle).

Channel Islands Rocket 9 Channel Islands Rocket 9The medium, constant curve, with a wide point forward and tider tail means this model is pretty darn comfortable being surfing in and around the pocket.  A medium hard rail allow you to push hard through turns on rail without the board squirreling out.  A fairly deep single to double concave bottom keeps it quick, with a touch of vee off the back few inches of the tail ensures nice easy transitions from rail to rail and clean release off the tail.

Channel Islands Rocket 9 Channel Islands Rocket 9 Collage B

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