Chilli Miami Spice

Nov 11, 2016 | Groveller, Shortboards

Chilli Miami SpiceThe Chilli Miami Spice is a new model that we have in store this summer – designed to take your small wave surfing to a whole new level!!!  A shorter wider and flatter design with a double bump signature Chilli thumb-tail.  The flat rocker and width in the outline really helps with paddle power, wave catching, glide and carry over flatter parts of the wave.  The tail is a bit more pulled in than most small wave models giving the Chilli Miami Spice better performance in the pocket, allowing it to sit a little more comfortably in steeper parts of the wave.  The Miami Spice features a slight single concave between the feet for speed with a vee off the tail, for quick and easy transitions from rail to rail.

Chilli Miami SpiceChilli Miami Spice Collage 2A lot of small wave boards are super fast and easily generate speed in one direction – down the line.  Many of them tend to struggle in and around the pocket – mainly because they are too big in the back end.  The Chilli Miami Spice overcomes this issue by  combining a broader & flatter rockered front end, with tidier back end.  The tidier tail combined with a couple of breaks in the rail line (courtesy of the  double bump) gives you the ability to make sharp direction changes with ease and do your maneuvers in steeper parts of the wave.

Rocker Shot Futures bottomChilli Miami Spice Collage 1Full size run of these in both FCSII and Futures fin systems have just landed on our racks.  Check out the Chilli Miami Spice and the rest of our Chilli Surfboards range in store or look at them individually listed ONLINE


Chilli Surfboards – Miami Spice from Chilli Surfboards on Vimeo.