DHD Phoenix

Darren’s new small-wave funboard. The perfect shape to get you amped & out there (no matter how average the conditions are).

C-Skins Rewired 4/3

If you’re after a winter wetsuit that doesn’t skimp on flexibility, then this is definitely a suit to check out.

C-Skins Wired 4/3

C-Skins Wired 4/3

Our most popular selling 43 steamer updated for Winter 2020 with a number of significant improvements

How to Wax a Surfboard

How to Wax a Surfboard

Make your wax job grippier and longer lasting – the better connection with your board, the the better the ride.

CJ Nelson Designs at Zak SurfboardsWe now have CJ Nelson Designs Surfboards on our racks at Zak Surfboards.  We have the primo looking CJ Classic Noserider Model and the more performance oriented Sinner Model – both designed by CJ Nelson in collaboration with Victorian Shaper Ian Chisholm.

CJ Nelson Designs CJ Nelson Designs CJ Classic Noserider Collage 1The CJ Nelson Designs Classic Noserider is describede by CJ as a real work horse for the traditional longboarder.  An outline that harks back to the golden age of traditional logging combined with subtle modern design tweaks to create a board that is both fast and loose off the tail, yet still incredibly stable to walk and noseride.

IMG_1589 CJ Nelson Designs CJ Classic Noserider Collage 2The Sinner is CJ and Ian’s take on a high performance longboard.  It’s outline is based on a classic speed shapes but make no mistake this is no retro sled.

IMG_1595 CJ Nelson Designs CJ Sinner Collage 1Modern rocker, rails and bottom curves have been expertly combined to deliver a board that will turn like no other. If you want a longboard with more of a focus on turning, that has bigger wave range that won’t shy away from steeper parts of the wave, then this model is definitely worth checking out.  By all reports, you’ll be hard pressed to find a faster & better maneuvering longboard anywhere.

IMG_1598 CJ Sinner Collage 2Just got a few of these on the racks for now, with more on their way – come in store and check them out or have a squiz at each of them in more depth with all of our other longboards here  ONLINE