The Surfboard Studio  - Classes



All classes below are demonstration classes running between 3 and 4 hours and give you a great insight into all the tricks of the trade in various stage of the surfboard manufacturing process. In these classes you will get to see our Surfboard Studio experts talk you through all the various stages in the manufacturing process. These demonstration classes will be useful for those of you who maybe don’t have the time to do our full 15 hour course and those of you looking for some more in-depth information on particular parts of the surfboard manufacturing process.

 Maximum of 15 people.

$150 per person per class.

Demonstration classes will cover the following processes:

  • Shaping and design: these classes will be broken up into separate segments including plan shapes/templates, rails, concaves, tail/nose outlines, rockers and fin placement and will give you an in-depth knowledge of how all these elements meld together to determine how a board shape will perform.
  • Glassing: learn how to laminate from an expert. This class will take you through the finer points of glassing a surfboard including working with different resins (polyester, vinylester and epoxy), and pros and cons and various cloths.
  • Sanding/Finishing: This demo class will have you producing a board with a super high quality finish just like the ones you see in your local surf shop. Probably a must attend course given the dearth of sanders in the Australian surf industry at the moment.
  • Resin Tints: Learn about jazzing up that next board you shape with some colour and the various techniques and secrets of tinting including the right cloth to use and how to get various effects right the first time every time.
  • Airbrushing / Board Art: Have you ever wondered how that guy next to you in the line up got that sick spray on his board. Much like the demonstration class on resin tinting you will get an in-depth look into all the secrets of airbrushing from our expert instructors at the Surfboard Studio.
  • Fin and Plug Installation: This class will take you step-by-step through the installation of single fin boxes, Futures and FCS II fin systems, how to use the various routers and all the other tricks of the trade. This class will also include in-depth discussion around the finer points of fin placement and how this can radically effect the performance of a board.
  • Gloss/Polishing: Have you ever wondered how those beautiful and expensive boutique surfboards hanging in your local surf shop got that finish? In this gloss and polishing class, you’ll learn how that final gloss and polish will extend the life of a board by sealing off the tiny pinholes created by sanding a board to a matt finish and how that extra finish coat will effect the performance of a board.