Coloured Zak Models

Coloured Zak Models 1Coloured Zak Models Collage 1We have a bunch of new Coloured Zak Models in store courtesy of our talented glasser/sander Darren ‘Dibby’ Milliken.  Tail dips comboed with white and black vector cloth & coloured Futures fin boxes to boot.  Should have a pretty steady run of different colours in our more popular models coming through the store for the next 3-4 months.  Come instore to check them out or have a squiz ONLINE

Coloured Zak Models 2Coloured Zak Models Collage 2Coloured Zak Models siamese 1Coloured Zak Models collage siamese 1Colouredsiamese 2 Coloured Siamese collage siamese 2 Coloured Zak Models TripodColoured Tripod collage