Make Your Own Board – Private Group

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Make Your Own Board – Private Group

The Surfboard Studio - MYOB Couses

We are now pleased to offer the option of doing a Make Your Own Board Course at the Surfboard Studio at a time that suits you. The private courses can be conducted as one on one or in a group of 2 or 4 people. We can tailor the course to your schedule with days/dates and times – could be over a weekend, during RDOs, basically  you decide what will suit you and we’ll try our best to make it happen on those days. In these courses we provide our students with all the equipment, materials, skilled instruction & expert guidance to create their own surf craft from start to finish – ready to hit the water! Not only do you leave this course with you own hand made board to keep, but you are provided with the knowledge and practical experience to then go on and shape additional surfboards on your own.  With the guidance of our expert instructors,  you too can leave the Surfboard Studio with your own beautifully finished surfboard – first time!





We run our courses over 2 days – essentially 2 x 8 hour sessions which requires participants to attend 2 sessions to complete their surfboard. Beginning with the basics of surfboard design, this course will gradually take you deeper into the intricacies of shaping and design including plan shapes, bottom contours (concaves, vee etc),nose and tail, rocker lines, deck shapes and rail shapes.

Included in the course for each participant are all the following materials: Blank (5-7ft shortboard / fish with basic profiling from raw blank), fibreglass cloth, resin, fin plugs (thruster set of FCSII, Future or fin box/2+1) and pro-teck.

You will also become familiar with the shaping bay and all the tools and techniques of the craft. From the shaping section of the course, you will proceed to the glassing stage where you will learn about the various techniques and materials used in glassing a surfboard before cutting your own cloth, mixing your resin and laminating your board. You will then move on to fin and plug installation including various theories around fin positioning on different boards and how the placement may affect performance. From fin installation, the course will take you to the next stage in the laminating process before you finish and sand your board and get it in the water!

Make Your Own Surfboard - The Surfboard Studio - Group Bookings




In the course you are supervised through each stage of construction by an expert while you build a surfboard from start to finish and you come out with your own board , finished and ready to surf. View the profiles of our instructors:


Zak Koniaras (Zak Surfboards)
Simon Forward (4D Surfboards)
Michael Anthony (Mad)
Ian Chisholm (South Coast Surfboards Australia)
Daniel Melo (The Surfboard Studio)



Build your Own Surfboard - The Surfboard Studio - Zak and Dan




Please note: To run these custom schedule courses with greater than 4 participants please email us at

* Due to limited spaces and high demand, all bookings are final and cannot be refunded. Changes to dates of bookings will be considered only at our discretion, and will attract a $250.00 administration fee for re-booking courses. If you wish to discuss this, you must email with “Change of Booking” in the subject line at least 30 days before your course is due to commence.



*For those of you who want to travel in to Melbourne to do this course from further afield, we can arrange some accommodation choices for you to choose from locally as well.  One of the closest with a range of different price options is Bell City.  We can arrange for transfers to and from the surfboard studio to local accommodation options as well.