Creatures Fins – simplifying the art of picking the right fin

Jan 30, 2015 | Fins, Hardware & Accessories

Creatures Fins 1Creatures Fins – simplifying the art of picking the right fin.

The full range of Creatures Fins have arrived at Zak Surfboards and have already become the weapon of choice for many of our customers & several of our staff.  With their new range of fins, Creatures have endeavored to simplify the art of picking the right fin.

In their range Creatures have 2 distinct styles of fins – the Vert series and the Arc series .

Creatures Fins 3The Vert Series are designed for tighter, snappier turns, with quick direction changes and surfing in the pocket in mind.  The Vert series are a more upright fin with less sweep or rake (up to 33 degrees).

Creatures Fins Dusty Pic(Dusty Payne surfing the Nat Young Arc Carbon Flex to victory at Haleiwa during the 2014 Triple Crown)

The Arc Series have been formulated for extra drive, carves & drawn-out turns.  These Arc fins have been designed for longer, down the line waves  (with more sweep or rake – over 33 degrees).

All the Vert & the Arc series fins are then available in 3 different sizes which you can pick according to your weight :

Small less than 65kg, Medium 65-80kg & Large 75 – 90+kg

Creatures Fins stabThese are also 3 different constructions that you can choose from:

Core Flex – a lightweight construction with a fluid flex pattern

Carbon Flex – a slightly stiffer lightweight construction that has a more responsive feel

Pure Fibreglass – a stiffer base with a more natural flex pattern through to the tip, with the most similar feel to traditional glassed on fins

You will also be pleased to hear that all of these Creatures Fins are available in both FCS & Futures Fin compatible styles.  With a set of both Vert and Arc Series fins appropriate to your weight, you should be covered for virtually all conditions :)

Come and grab them in store or  or shop our comprehensive range of Fins & Fin Accessories here ONLINE store