Custom Surfboards

Jan 29, 2015 | Uncategorized


Custom Surfboards ...Lost Sub Buggy EPSHere are a few pics of some of the Custom Surfboards that we’ve had come in for customers recently from SuperBrand  & …Lost Surfboards.  A 5’8″ custom dims …Lost Sub Buggy in EPS construction,  a custom dims heavier glassed Superbrand Vapors with a swallow tail (my personal favorite of the bunch – yew looks super fun) and a custom dims …lost V3 rocket.

Custom Surfboards SuperBrand Vapors SwallowCustom Surfboards ...lost V3 RocketRemember if you are after custom made surfboards from any of the brands we stock – we can easily organize it for you.  Whether it be different dimensions, different construction (ie. heavier or lighter glass & EPS) , specific fin plugs or placement, sprays & more –  it can be done.  Give Damien a call at the shop on 03 9416 7384 or shoot us an email at