DHD Sweet Spot 2.0

Jun 5, 2018 | Shortboards, Step-Ups

 DHD Sweet Spot 2.0

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The DHD Sweet Spot 2.0 was designed by Darren Handley to be the ultimate combination of performance and durability. The perfect board to have in your quiver for riding in moderate to good days at home, or to take overseas on a trip. If you are used to riding a slightly shorter wider board as your normal shortboard (which most of us Victorians tend to do) then you’ll feel right at home on this board when the waves start getting good.

DHD SS2.0 Collage 1

DHD Sweet Spot 2.0

DHD Sweet Spot 2.0 Collage 2

The DHD Sweet Spot 2.0 features a performance rocker with a nice, tidy rounded pin tail. This tail shape not only helps keep your turns smooth and catch free. It also gives this board greater control in steeper, more powerful waves. This board has a reasonably broad and thick nose for extra paddle power & stability in the tube. The Sweet Spot 2.0 also has a touch more nose rocker making life easier for you when you have to negotiate those steeper drops, it also allows you to draw tighter arcs, closer to the tube. A touch of double concave has been used through the tail of this board to help keep it clean in transition from rail to rail & to help you control the speed the board generates. Glassed heavier than standard stock boards (4 x 4 deck & 4 x 4 bottom) for strength and reliability with carbon re-enforcement around the fins & tail. This board comes standard with 5 fin plugs.

This is a hard board to keep on our racks at this time of the year, they tend to move quickly but luckily for you we have stocked up for this winter. Come in store and put one under you arm or grab one from us ONLINE 

DHD Sweet Spot 2.0 from DHD Surf on Vimeo.