EMERY Shaped By Allan Emery In Store Soon

Sep 15, 2011 | Groveller, Shortboards

Hi All

He is a sneak peak of the Range of Emery Surfboards which we will offer for summer 2012, we have picked two models to suit melbourne and vicco wave all shaped by the man himself Allan Emery. Went to byron 3 weeks ago to have a talk with the boys and have decided to push his lable doing in vicco for reasons for there boards will work really good down here there rockers and lines will be a perfect shortboard for our wave, the two models we are starting with are the STUMP and the MINI ROUND we are doing a range from 5’8 through to 6’2.

Here is a little info off there website www.emerysurfboards.com  on  a look of the Stump and Mini enjoy.

   THE  MINI                                

A compressed version of Melling’s Pro Model. We’e flattened out the rocker, beefed up the rails, widened the centre and taken 3 inches of its height. Similar to a greasy midget the Mini will squeeze into any, and every small space without compromising it’s abilty to be thrown.

Emery – Mini Model from emery surfboards on Vimeo.


A board designed for every day beachies. Wider throughout and with more volume and less rocker  than your shortboard, the Stump is your perfect summer slop killer. Skip over the fat sections and punt over that topless hottie frolicking in the shorie. Forget the name this board misses nothing

Emery – Stump Model from emery surfboards on Vimeo.