Firewire Pyzel Next Step

Oct 8, 2015 | Shortboards, Step-Ups

Firewire Pyzel Next Step A bunch of new Firewire stock just arrived in store including a size run of the brand new Firewire Pyzel Next Step.

The Next Step is a choice board to have for those days when your regular shortboard starts to get a bit twitchy – ie. bigger, steeper & more powerful waves. It is an easy board to transition onto from your all rounder – still retaining a relatively loose feel but has the extra paddle-power and hold you need in solid surf.

IMG_7144 Firewire Pyzel Next Step Collage 1It has a lot of rocker for steep drops, a bit of extra thickness through the front third for paddle power and slightly lower rails for control in those critical situations.

Jon Pyzel recommends that you ride this model anywhere from 2″ to 8″ up from your shortboard, in a similar width with a touch more thickness (more as you go longer) to help get you in early.  This model comes with a 5-fin option for maximum versatility.

Firewire Pyzel Next Step Collage 2 IMG_7147Come and check these out in store or ONLINE (shortly)