Refresh Your Stick


The Gem is the latest longboard design from Firewire. Thee result of the ongoing collaboration between head designer Dan Mann and 3 times World Longboard Champion Taylor Jensen.  Looking for a new board that could essentially cover him in just about every condition, Taylor wanted something that could both trim and turn sharply.   A design that would sit somewhere between his existing high performance TJPro and his broader, small wave TJ Everyday models.

Firewire The Gem Feature Image 2
Firewire The Gem Collage 1

The resulting Gem combines a moderate sized planshape, with livelier shortboard style concaves and Taylor’s signature fin placement. It has a relatively moderate rocker throughout the front 2/3 of the board with a generous amount of curve through the tail.  Single concave in the nose that has lightly rolled section behind it that then leads into a spiral vee/double concave starting a decent way up the board.  

Dan and Taylor decided to call this model The Gem because of how valuable it is – a one board quiver for 9 foot plus board riders that can trim on the nose as easily as it can carve a decent turn on rail.  To me it looks like a great all-round performance longboard for our slopey Victorian waves – come in store and check the Gem out or grab one from us ONLINE