The Gem by Firewire

Oct 9, 2018 | Longboards, Shortboards

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The Gem is the latest longboard design to be added to the Firewire range of surfboards. This new design is the result of the ongoing collaboration between head Firewire designer Dan Mann and 3 times World Longboard Champion Taylor Jensen. Looking for a new board for his quiver that could essentially cover him in just about every condition, Taylor wanted something that could both trim with ease and turn sharply when needed. A design that would sit somewhere between his existing high performance TJPro and his broader, small wave friendly TJ Everyday models.

Firewire The Gem Feature Image 2

Firewire The Gem Collage 1

The resulting design combines a moderate sized planshape, with livelier shortboard style concaves and Taylor’s signature fin placement. The Gem has a relatively moderate rocker throughout the front two thirds of the board. The rocker then accelerates somewhat with a generous amount of curve through the tail. The bottom contour starts with a single concave in the nose. Then has lightly rolled section that sits just behind it. This rolled section then leads into a spiral vee/double concave that starts a decent way up the board. The tail shape of the Gem is a diamond tail which give you a great balance of hold and stability on the nose without sacrificing looseness & release through turns .

Dan Mann and Taylor Jensen decided to call this model The Gem because of how valuable it is. As far as longboards are concerned, this is a one board quiver. A shape that 9 foot plus board riders can grab that can trim and noseride just as easily as it can carve a decent turn on rail. To me the Gem looks like a great all-round performance longboard for our slopey Victorian waves – that should cover you from ankle high to well overhead. Come in store and check the Gem out or grab one from us ONLINE