Future Fins 5 Fin Sets Topped Up

Jun 5, 2014 | Fins, Hardware & Accessories

Future Fins 5 Fin Sets topped up  – With the growing popularity of 5 fin plugs in surfboards (to allow for both Thruster and Quad fin set ups) it makes sense to grab a proper 5 fin set for your next fin purchase  and we have just replenished our stock.  Here are a few of the more popular 5 fin sets that we have from Future:

photo 2 [650 x 910]

Clay Marzo Tech Flex Red 5 Fin Set

This is Clay Marzo’s signature 5 fin set with a great all around medium sized thruster set with specially designed additional quad rear fins.  Clay like many surfers likes to jump between thrusters and quads depending on the waves.  By utilizing the same side fins in both set ups – you have the advantage or a familiar feel when setting your rail – in a nut shell it makes it easier to transitions between the two.

Both set ups feature Techflex materials and a thicker fin foil creating the stiff flex pattern desired by Clay for his version of high-performance surfing. The rakey template provides drive and hold while the thinner tip gives you great release off of the top.

Height: 4.56″
Base: 4.49″
Area: 14.36″
Rear fins:
Height: 3.84″
Base: 3.86″
Area: 10.54″
photo 4 [650 x 938]
F4 HC Five Fin Set

The F4 5-Fin option combines one of our most popular thruster set ups with our versatile F-4 Quad.  The V2 foil on the front fins combined with the honeycomb material allow this fin to flex and generate speed, while the thicker tip provides hold through turns. This five-fin option is one of the most versatile choices for small-to-medium sized surfers.



Height: 4.37″
Base: 4.22″
Area: 14.22″
Rear Fins:
Height: 3.75″
Base: 3.64″
Area: 10.90″
photo 1 [650 x 766]
Rusty HC Smoke 5 Fin Set

The Rusty 5-fin set combines Rusty’s signature thruster setup with specially matched quad trailers. The quad rears are drivey off of the bottom with a lot of release off of the top. A set that combines a small-wave quad design for the mushier days with a big thruster set for the juice.



Height: 4.51″
Base: 4.46″
Area: 15.00″
Rear fins:
Height 3.86″
Base: 3.55″
Area: 9.93″


photo 3 [650 x 880]

Emery Gold Digger HC 5 Fin Set

The Emery Gold Digger is a medium based fin built for drive and speed.  A longer rake gives the rider excellent projection down the line with a bit of extra flex for increased maneuverability and a positive springy feel.  Coupled with a medium sized quad trailer set.

Base: 4.49″ / 11.4 cm
Height: 4.53″ / 11.5 cm
Area: 14.63″2 / 94.39 cm2

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