Futures Legacy Series

May 1, 2019 | Fins, Hardware & Accessories

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Futures Legacy Series (SHOP NOW). Futures have significantly simplified the process of selecting fins with their new Legacy Series. 3 templates (Rake, Neutral & Pivot) in 3 sizes (Small, Medium & Large) designed with the exact same area and construction.

Futures Legacy Series - Rake, Neutral & Pivot

Switching the fin template while retaining the same fin area allows you to dramatically change both the turning circle and the drive of your board. The area remains constant – allowing you to retain a consistent amount of fin under you feet. All constructed in the HC honeycomb fiberglass – making the flex for each of them relatively constant.

With three sets of these Legacy Series fins you can easily fine tune your equipment to a wide variety of conditions. If it’s peaky beachbreaks – chuck in a set of the Pivot template. With the Pivot you can make those tight direction changes and fit in to those smaller pockets and steeper curves. If your local point is pumping – grab a set of the Rake template. With the Rake you can enjoy the extra speed, drive and control. Make those fast sections and lay down high speed carves. Sitting slap bang in the middle of the Pivot & the Rake is the Neutral template. The Neutral is a great balance of pivot, drive and hold. The Neutral fin templates are perfect for all round surfing. They have enough drive and hold while for most conditions. But do not sacrifice your ability to break line and draw tight arcs when needed.

Futures Legacy Series Rake

Futures Legacy Neutral

Futures Legacy Pivot

The full Legacy Series from Futures are now on our racks in store and also available from us ONLINE