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Dec 10, 2019 | Uncategorized

Zak Surfboards Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers (BUY NOW) are a great idea as a present for that special person who likes to get coastal. We have set these up in a super easy fashion so you can grab one and either:

  • print out the gift voucher and give it in person
  • Email the voucher straight to the recipient
  • or pick up a voucher directly from us in store

If you are buying one from us online, simply select the voucher with the amount you wish to give to and add to cart. In the checkout process you will be asked to fill in the following fields:

  • Sender Name (the name of the person or people giving the voucher)
  • Recipient Name (the name of the person that you are giving the voucher to)
  • Recipient Email *(the person that the voucher will be emailed to) *If you want to print it out yourself and give the voucher in person please make sure you put your email address in this field
  • Send Voucher On This Date & Time (Leave this field blank if you want to send the voucher immediately or you can specify a time for it to be sent to the recipient’s inbox)
  • Gift Voucher Message (This is the message that will appear on the gift voucher email – so add something suitable if you please)

Following filling these fields, simple continue through the Checkout process to complete your order. If you are printing out the voucher and giving it in person you will be emailed the voucher complete with artwork ready to print at home.

If you are stuck for time and/or are struggling to pick something out take all the guess work out of gift giving and let them pick out something they really want/need. Grab a Gift Voucher from us now (BUY NOW)

Gift Vouchers Zak Surfboards