Guns from Pyzel

Feb 19, 2015 | Step-Ups

Guns from Pyzel 1If you are thinking about a serious board for some serious waves this winter, or even a step up for those really good days both  here and in Indo – now is a great opportunity to grab Guns from Pyzel while he is in OZ.

Pyzel in AusNot only a master of high performance shortboards, Jon Pyzel also regularly crafts boards for serious waves for charger Mark Healey.    Combining that with living and shaping on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii,  shaping full quivers for John John Florence, boards for local chargers and traveling pros that visit the north shore – Jon Pyzel knows how to make great boards that really work when the surf starts to get big!

Guns from Pyzel 2Here are a selection of his models for when the surf starts to get a bit more serious:

Pyzel Next Step CollageThe Next Step is a choice board to have for those days when your regular shortboard starts to get a bit twitchy – ie. bigger, steeper & more powerful waves. It is an easy board to transition onto from your all rounder – still retaining a relatively loose feel but has the extra paddle-power and hold you need in solid surf.

It has a lot of rocker for steep drops, a bit of extra thickness through the front third for paddle power and slightly lower rails for control in those critical situations.

Jon Pyzel recommends that you order this model anywhere from 2″ to 8″ up from your shortboard, keeping a similar width and adding at least 1/8″ of thickness (more as you go longer) to help get you in early. Order this model with a 5-fin option for maximum versatility.

Pyzel Next Padillac Collage w text The Padillac is a smaller version of Jon’s Crazy Train model gun. This board is designed to be a paddling machine.  Its extra thickness and a fuller outline (compared to other standard guns) allows the rider to glide into waves of consequence – take this board out in most anything the ocean throws at you 😉

It has a clean, flowing rocker and light vee with double concaves to add speed and quick turning.  A favorite model for deep water waves like Sunset &  Cloudbreak, it is also a popular with bigger surfers & for  a bunch of different waves around the world.

Ride bigger waves with confidence and ease on the Padillac. Jon recommends that you go with the Quad option on this model.

Pyzel Next CrazytrainA 10’5” Crazy Train is the board model that Mark Healey won the Bilabong 2014 XXL Biggest Paddle Award on! The design was the product of Healey’s many years of tackling giant surf at a variety of locations around the globe – a board that will not only paddle into the biggest waves on the planet, but also be maneuverable and fast once you catch them. A model that has been ridden in some of the biggest waves the oceans dishes out – thoroughly tested at spots like Jaws, Mavricks, Cortes Bank, Waimea, and all of Oahu’s fabled Outer Reefs.

The Crazy Train has a full, thicker nose – allowing for paddling momentum and a stability in bumpy conditions. The board’s thickness is pulled down from the middle of the board through the back have, giving the rider bite and control at high speed.

Guns from Pyzel 4Guns from Pyzel 3If you are keen for a custom board from this Jon Pyzel while he is in Australia get in contact with us at or call the shop on   03 9416 7384 and speak to Damien.    These Guns and many of his other models are available to your specification. The cut off date for orders from us is March 6th so don’t sleep.