Heading Home From California

Oct 27, 2012 | News





Hey All Finally heading home from a 6 week trip from Hawaii and California. It’s been an amazing trip and have met some amazing people through the Hawaiian & Californian surf industry. We have setup alot of great business ventures with lots of board manufactures and accessorie companys which we will have on offer for you in a few sleeps. Our first container lands very soon and have the next landing in January. We will have surfboards from the finest craftsmen from the Hawaiian islands and the coast of California from San Diego to San Francisco. We will be offering custom surfboards from a large number of shapers which we will be naming shortly. Opening our shop in Torquay for summer has started a hatred through other shops not to name any names and its amazing what Chinese whispers you here from rep to rep. We are here for the long run we have supported the local shapers of Victoria for years and once again there will be a shop in Torquay which will support our local shapers and also the finest American made surfboards your eyes can see. So crew get ready to run your hands down some fresh new boards and check out some Californian made accessories which will blow your mind. And let the games begin………….