Indo Boots

Jun 19, 2014 | Booties, Water Apparel

Indo Boots are essential if you are heading to the tropics to escape the winter cold.  We have a great selection of boots for you to choose from in store – here is a quick rundown of them 😉

Rip Curl E-Bomb 1mm Split toe

RIPCURL E- Bomb 1.5mm split toe 650These boots from Rip Curl feature special water flow panels & breathable neoprene to help keep your feat relatively cool with a full coral proof sole.  There is also a compression strap to ensure a tight fit and a solid heel strap to help you yank them on and off easily.

Xcel Infinity Reef Boot 1mm


XCEL infiniti reef boot 1mm 650A super light weight boot with a draw string closure around your ankle and an adjustable velcro strap around the mid of your foot .  A solid sole on these ones underneath the split toe ensures no catching of you legrope between your toes.  Slightly higher cut than most to offer more ankle protection.

FCS SP2 Reef Boot

booties_sp2_reef 650

These ergonomically designed boots from FCS are super comfortable and hug your feet like no other.  With 2 adjustable velcoro straps, drawstring closure at the top and soft neoprene between your toes.

Rip Curl Pocket Reef Boot 1mm

RIPCURL Pocket Reef Boot 1mm 650The perfect bootie to get you in/out of the water and and small enough to tuck in your pocket while you are out there surfing.  A great option for those who hate wearing booties but want some protection from reef cuts accessing the waves.

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