Introducing Hurley…

We are more than elated to announce our recent addition of Hurley Wetsuit’s & Apparel into our retail/online store. Hurley has been producing some of the finest quality, high performance boardshort’s and wetsuit’s since its in inception in 1998. The brand was first started by Bob Hurley in Costa Mesa in 1979 as Bob’s surfboard shaping company but then Hurley international (fully fledged surf brand) began in 1998. Hurley have been true innovators of surf apparel since the beginning and really implement a core involvement in all surrounding entities. (Surf, skate, art, music…)

Check out our whole range HERE but I would like to go into more detail about some of the products…


The first taste of our new Hurley range is the Advantage Max 3/2mm Fullsuit. This suit will comfortably get you through about 9 months of the year in Victoria. With a zipperless entry for easy access, strategically placed seams for maximum flexibility and lightweight pads that absorb less water.

This suit’s construction is made of 100% Exoflex Stretch Material Neoprene, double-glued and blind stitched seams and spot tape at each seam junction for durability. They are retailing for $549.99 and have the classic 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty. BUY HERE.

Another addition to the Hurley range are the Phantom boardshorts. The Phantom boardshort has been a staff favourite since we were all wee grommets and they are well and truly the pioneers of the 4-way stretch. There is nothing worse than wearing a heavy pair of cardboard shorts that are giving you rash during a 3 hour session in the tropics. These shorts are designed to be as light and stretchy as humanly possible and there will be no going back once feeling the freedom of the Phantom.


We are currently stocking two types of the Phantom, the Block Party Solid 18 inch and the Hyperweave 3.0 18 inch. They are both part of the Phantom 4-way stretch range but the Block Party sits at a less expensive price point. The main difference is the Hyperweave 3.0 has more more elasticity around the waist with a functional livewire threaded throughout. These contract and expand as you move for a truly adaptive fit.



The Block Party Solid 18 inch. BUY HERE.

They both sit at a friendly 18 inch length which is aimed to be just above the knee. They are also constructed from 86% recycled polyester with the remaining 14% being elastane. The Block Party trunks sit at a comfortable retail price of $89.99 with the high-tech Hyperweave 3.0 sitting at $149.99.


The Hyperweave 3.0 18 inch. BUY HERE.

Hurley has enhanced our collection substantially coming into the most important season of the year. These items are a must have for summer 2020. Whether you are going to swim laps in your local pool or heading down the west coast for an early surf on a blistering 20 knot WSW frosty morning. We look forward to a bright future working alongside Hurley and bringing the newest neoprene and apparel to you! (Our customers)

Check it all HERE !

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