Refresh Your Stick

The Forget Me Not II is the ultimate high performance surfboard in the JS Industries range. Designed for seamless performance in waves with shape, purpose built for decent to absolutely firing conditions. If you want a board that will respond like no other to your direction, then this is the board for you. Further improved from previous versions – the Forget Me Not II is slightly more user-friendly overall. Subtle alterations to the placement of foam throughout the shape now allows you to get into waves earlier, while optimizing speed & drive, while still retaining control in steeper waves and higher speeds.

JS Forget Me Not II Round Tail

With slightly more curve than the Monsta 8, the Forget Me Not II has a touch more rocker allowing it to sit higher & tighter in steeper waves. There is enough entry to prevent catching and allow tight turns in & around the pocket, yet not so much to compromise speed & acceleration. This rocker has been tuned from constant R&D from team riders at locations all over the world. A subtly blended single to double concave bottom has been used to ensure the board will harness all the waves power while give you complete control.

JS Forget Me Not II Round Tail

If you are after a board you can pull out for waves with shape all the way up to when it’s truly pumping then the Forget Me Not II is definitely worth checking out. A great shape to have in your quiver for better waves at home & to take with you on trips overseas. Available on our racks now – in store or ONLINE

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