JS Industries Black Baron

Jan 15, 2019 | Fish Surfboards

JS Industries Black Baron

The JS Industries Black Baron (SHOP NOW) To coincide with Parko’s retirement from the world tour, JS have just released their first ever Twin Fin model. Designed to perfectly combine the best of old-school Fish shapes with new school performance. A lot of work has gone into fine tuning the foam placement in this model to give you the best of both of these worlds. As a result, this board has the ability to fly down the line, easily skate over flatter/softer sections & allow you to put it on rail and drive through turns at high speed. In the R&D process, this model was tested in a full spectrum of conditions – from tiny, soft beach breaks peaks on the Gold Coast, to perfect overhead Cloudbreak before finalizing the design for release to the general public.

JS Industries Black Baron Collage 1

JS Industries Black Baron Collage 2

This design features a shorter/wider outline that has plenty of surface area for maximum planning on the wave face and curve for tighter hooks for when you get it on rail. The JS Industries Black Baron has an overall flatter rocker further adds to the speed and glide of this design. Flatter/lower rails have been used for their combination of bite, control and sensitivity – with more foam in the centre of the board for float, glide and paddle power. The bottom contour feature a prominent vee, running from just off the nose, right through to the tail – for maximum ease in putting this board on rail & to shortern it’s turning radius. Concaves run down either side of the vee to added lift and liveliness.

Whether you’re surfing weak beach breaks or quality, down the line points and reefs, the JS Industries Black Baron is a shape that allows you exceptional speed, maneuverability and flow – explore new lines and maximize your fun with one of these!!

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