JS Industries Monsta 8 now on our racks

Mar 1, 2018 | Shortboards

JS Industries Monsta 8

Refresh Your Stick

JS Industries Monsta 8 now on our racks ( SHOP NOW )! JS describes this model as his best high-performance, all-round shortboard yet! New & improved for 2018 thanks to the past 18 months of fine-tuning with help from the entire JS team.

With so many epic but contrasting styles throughout the Traktor Team, JS has spent months gathering input from absolutely everyone. The Monsta 8 had to cater for some of the best rail surfers like Parko and Julian, the aerial antics of Mikey, Ryan & Dusty, and the precision of Ace and Owen. There‚Äôs a little bit of everyone in the Monsta 8 and it has become the model of choice for close to the entire team. From Owen’s comeback at Snapper on a prototype, to the constant refinement of JS and Joel throughout the year – the end result is a pretty mean looking whip.

JS Industries Monsta 8

Slightly more curve has been added in both the nose and tail compared to previous versions of this design. The rocker lifts only in the last two inches of the nose, to help prevent catching in steep sections, during critical manoeuvres. The tail rocker has also been adjusted to provide a touch of extra release & whip through turns.

Monsta 8 Rocker

The concaves have been deepened through the fins to help balance out this extra curve, creating more speed & lift, as well as minimizing drag. The outline has a more pronounced hip than previous versions, giving the board a snappier feel – allowing for quicker, tighter direction changes.


The Monsta 8 has a slightly more forgiving foil and the somewhat user-friendly dimensions will make this model appeal to a broader audience than just your most advanced surfers as a Victorian all-rounder. Definitely a model to keep in mind as we approach our better wave season – also as a board for better waves on your trips to the tropics. Come and check them out in store or see what dimensions we have in the shop / Buy ONLINE