Monsta Box Swallow Tail by JS Industries

Sep 11, 2018 | Shortboards

JS Industries Monsta Box Swallow Tail

The Monsta Box Swallow Tail (SHOP NOW) is the latest update of the popular all-rounder. Originally conceived by combining two top selling models (the Monsta & The Blak Box) – the Monsta Box is a board that works for a broader range of surfers and in a wider range of conditions.

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The rocker in the Monsta Box Swallow model is lower than the Monsta 8 but a touch curvier than the Blak Box. The outline is slightly more generous than the Monsta 8, but not quite as broad as the Black Box. The tail block sits perfectly in between these two models. Not too wide & skatey, but not too narrow and sticky for day-to-day use. The swallow tail option has been added for Summer 2019 for a bit of extra drive and increased ability to knife the rail into the wave face. The Monsta Box Swallow update retains the exact same single-to-double concave bottom that gives you plenty of lift to help you get up and running in quickly.

JS Industries Nose Tail Collage 1

JS Industries Monsta Box Swallow Tail

JS Industries Nose Tail Collage 2

Advanced surfers will find this board a great choice for smaller, weaker, flat faced waves. The extra paddle power and speed you get from the Monsta Box Swallow (compared to most performance shortboards) will keep a smile on your face in marginal conditions. A board that works well in the mush but can be surfed in decent waves as well – if needed.

Less skilled (or less regular) surfers will probably find the Monsta Box Swallow is a great choice as an all rounder. One of those designs that does an excellent job of combining forgiving and performance elements. Since it’s initial release, the Monsta Box has been one of the best selling all-rounders that we have in the shop – drop by and check them out in person (full size run currently on our racks in store) or shop our collection ONLINE

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