JS Industries RAGING BULL Round Tail

May 20, 2019 | Shortboards

JS Industries Raging Bull Occy Action Image

The JS Industries Raging Bull Model is back!! Designed for fast, flowing, on-rail surfing in a wide range of conditions. With Occy locking in a lot more water time in the past year, JS & Occy decided it was a great time to revisit the popular Raging Bull model from years past and update it for 2019.(SHOP NOW)

This updated version does a great job of combining characteristics from a full performance shortboard with user-friendly features to deliver what is probably the most forgiving model in JS range with the biggest wave range. A board that is not just for the small to medium stuff – it has the ability to handle a great range of conditions from quite mediocre to overhead, heaving barrels.

JS Industries Raging Bull Outline Comparison

JS Industries Raging Bull nose & Tail Shots

The outline of the Raging Bull has a fuller nose (both in foam distribution & area) with the wide point brought forward. This extra foam and area up front combined with a flatter entry rocker ensures plenty of glide into waves and paddle power. This forward wide point then draws back to a somewhat pulled-in round tail. The narrower tail block helps give this board a nice drivey feel underfoot and allows plenty of control for turns at high speed and in critical parts of the wave. A touch more curve through the tail adds manoeuvrability and release out of turns.

The foil of this model features what JS & Occy call the “Raging Bull thickness”. JS has strategically left a generous amount of foam throughout the board which gives it excellent glide over flat sections and flow between maneuvers as well as plenty of paddle power.

The bottom contour of this board (similar to the Monsta 8) is a moderate single concave that starts up under the front foot, moving into double just before the fins for lift and clean, catch free transitions from rail-to-rail.

JS Industries Raging Bull Bottom contour

The Raging Bull is designed to make surfing your best easier, grab one of these and be sure that you’ve got a true all-rounder that will have you well covered at home and when you’re away on trips. With a positive, drivey feel underfoot and fantastic flow this is a model that’s sure not to disappoint. In store now… Shop these and our full range of JS Industries Surfboards