JS Monsta 6 Now In Store

May 5, 2016 | Shortboards, Step-Ups

JS Monsta 6 Now In StoreThat’s right we have the brand new JS Monsta 6 Now In Store at Zak Surfboards.  Grab one of these and it might well be the best all-round to good wave high performance shortboard you’ve had in your life.  This new incarnation of the ever popular Monsta design from JS has just been released and features a slightly smoother rocker, subtly fuller & softer rails and a touch more concave compared to the previous versions.

JS Monsta 6 Now In Store JS Monsta 6 Now In Store This new version has been 3 years in the making & JS has managed to improve the design that his stellar team of Parko, Julian, Owen, Ace and Dusty are really happy with.

JS Monsta 6 rocker shot cropped & straightened 1Designed with waves 2-6 foot in mind, from average, day to day stuff to A+ conditions. JS reckons that the Monsta 6 is one of  his most versatile surfboards that delivers a perfect combination of speed, drive and release.

IMG_0608 JS Monsta 6 collage 2The initial run that we have got in are all round tails, but we have a full size run of regular squash tails in both Futures Fins and FCSII in production for our racks at the moment.
Come in store and check out our full range of JS Industries surfboards or have a squiz at the stock we currently have ONLINE