Kinetic Racing fins in store now!

Jul 20, 2012 | Fins





Hey crew, hope you have all been getting your fair share of waves over the past week with the first really decent winter swell on offer. Just a quick update to let you know that to compliment our new range of JS boards (Electro, Monsta and Revolution) we have just received our first shipment of Kinetic Racing fins and they are looking the goods. These are the fins that Parko, Occy, Jack Freestone, Bruce Irons and Dusty Payne are on. We can’t guarantee you’ll surf like those guys but you will definitely notice a difference in performance if you pick the right set. In that respect we can help you out a bit as we are holding a number of fin models for you guys to demo. We are also offering a great deal on a set of Kinetics when you purchase a JS board. One more great thing about Kinetics is that it doesn’t matter whether your boards are FCS or Futures as Kinetics make the same fin templates available in both systems… Sweet!