Kyrpt Surf Mats Instore

Nov 22, 2012 | Hardware & Accessories

Developed in 1933, the air filled surf mat was an Australian invention. It predated all of the modern surfboard design and history that we know today.

Krypt is proud to carry on the development of this uniquely Australian surf craft, which is at the cutting edge of high performance surfing, into the 21st century.

The Krypt MT5 Surf Mat is designed by surf mat master Mark Thomson. This 5th generation design is the product of 10 years design experimentation and development, The MT5 sets the standard for advanced fabrics in modern surf mat design and construction.

The MT5 surf mat is made from an ultra thin, lightweight, Hi-Tech military fabric that is incredibly strong and durable. Each surf mat features a self-sealing one-way valve that is unique to Krypt Surf Technology.      

In waves that are 1 foot to 10 feet, the Krypt MT5 is a super intuitive and exciting surf mat to ride. It has fantastic grip on the water, which allows for incredible speed, awesome power and extended projection through each turn.

This combination of speed and control makes the MT5 the most advanced production surf mat ever made. This ultra modern surf mat is a high performance surf craft guaranteed to put a smile on your face every time you surf.

The future of surf mats has arrived.