Learn to Surf It is a Fun Sport

Aug 9, 2013 | Beginner Boards, Guides


When you Learn to Surf, it allows you to enjoy thoroughly the magnificent waves of the oceans. You paddle out on a board anticipating the thrill of standing up on it and riding a wave back to shore. There is also a spirit of great when you surf, as this can lead to bonfires on the beach, bonding with other surfers, and even helping those new to the sport learn more about it.

Question: How do you start to learn to surf? 

Answer: Many people starting learning this sport as kids by letting the waves carry their floating bodies ashore. This is called bodysurfing and requires no board whatsoever. This is true freedom in the water just you and the waves with nothing in between, so you really feel the power of the waves. Of course, this is not normally practiced with the large waves the surfers with boards learn to master.

Question: When to Transition to Using a Board?


Answer: You have to understand how to balance on the surfboard before going out in the water with one. There are special ways to stand and move on the board to keep you from falling off the board all of the time. Now, surfing is not an exact science, because there are those times you cannot stay on a board throughout the ride of a wave, but even falling off into the water is fun to those who participate in this sport.

Question: Can you just buy a board and hit the water with it to learn this sport? 

Answer: This is not the sport to just grab a surfboard and hit the water to Learn to Surf by trial and error. You should get some professional lessons to learn to surf properly. These lessons are invaluable in your perfecting the moves on the board that are necessary for taking on some of the magnificent waves the ocean has to offer.

Question: Is there only one size and shape for surfboards? 

Answer: Surfboards come in many sizes and shapes. Which one you use will depend on your experience level, budget, style of surfing, and other important considerations. This is another area where the professional lessons come in handy. A surfing pro can give you effective guidance and point out the perfect board for your needs.

Question: Does a surfboard require maintenance?


You surfboard also has to be maintain for optimum performance in the water. The condition of the surfboard is very important for it perform in the water properly. Follow the suggested care instructions from the manufacturer to maintain your board the right way.

Question: Where are some popular surf spots in the world? 

Answer: There are many popular surfing areas known in the world for excellent waves. Some of them are:


  • Superbanks at Gold Coast in Australia
  • Pipeline at Oahu, Hawaii in the United States
  • Mavericks at California in the United States
  • Supertubes at Jeffrey’s Bay in South Africa


If you want to take up a sport that is all about fun, challenging waves, and socializing, then you need to Learn to Surf today. It is an enjoyable, rewarding physical activity that also lets you push boundaries and have adventure.