Lost Driver 2.0

Nov 26, 2019 | Shortboards

Lost Driver 2.0 (SHOP NOW) is their latest Pro-formance Shortboard model. The design is a result of an ongoing process of direct feedback, refinement. A Process of rigorous testing from team riders to meet their performance demands. (Specifically Kolohe Andino, Griffin Colapinto, Carissa Moore and Caroline Marks)

...Lost Driver 2.0

Despite the pro focus in this model’s development, the Lost Driver 2.0 is actually somewhat easier to ride than many of the HP shortboards on the market. The Driver 2.0 has a moderate “no flip tip” entry rocker (for plenty of board speed off take off). These is also a touch of extra area in the front end (for even more drive off the front foot). These features mean that you won’t have to be super precise with positioning to get the board going.  Also making this model more appropriate than many HP shortboards for our local slopey wave faces.

Lost Driver 2.0

The extra area up front also creates a stable platform for your front foot. A platform for landing late drops and manoeuvres in critical parts of the wave. The rocker and outline combined with a bit of extra foam along the stringer (with a more pronounced “vee” deck) and low, yet forgiving rails gives you great paddle power and drive. A lower rail helps retain sensitivity. Giving you the ability to easily engage the rail and knife it into the wave face. Despite the added thickness in the Lost Driver 2.0, it won’t feel overly “corky”. The thinner, yet boxy rails, with, with more edge through the tail gives you fantastically quick reaction times from heel to toe.  With plenty of control over hold and release at high speeds.

Lost Driver 2.0

A touch of extra rail rocker through the tail has been added for ability to break line and draw nice, tight radius arcs.  This combination of rail rocker with a deeper concave under the rear foot has been used in the Lost Driver 2.0 for extra POP. Overall, the dimensions and volume are slightly more generous from previous incarnations of this design. This gives you more momentum and extra glide. While still retaining a proper HP responsive ride.

If you are after a new HP whip that will excel in local waters – then the Lost Driver 2.0 (SHOP NOW) is well worth checking out. Drop by the shop or browse our collection of Lost surfboards Online