Lost Rocket Redux

Jan 4, 2020 | Groveller

Lost Rocket Redux Pic on Wall

The Lost Rocket Redux ( SHOP NOW ) has been one of the hottest boards in the shop this summer. With exceptional speed, drive and maneuverability in all waves ankle to moderate size. Grab one of these and you definitely increase your ability to shred no matter the conditions.

The original Rocket was a design built by Noah Budroe for Shane Beschen’s son to learn on. However, once it got under Shane’s feet for a couple of waves, everything changed. He then bought that board to Matt Mayhem Biolos to fine tune. The resulting “Rocket” design that the two later released went on to be a best seller worldwide, a design that both pros and bros could rip on in a variety of conditions.

More than a decade later, Matt has revisited the design, with a few fresh ideas for a new generation to enjoy… The ROCKET REDUX. Retaining the key (original) ROCKET design and magic from that signature design and adding a few tweaks from performance designs since.

Lost Rocket Redux Nose and tail top

Lost Rocket Redux Bottom shot on wall

Lost Rocket Redux Nose and tail bottom

The Rocket Redux keeps that low entry rocker for speed and drive, counter-balanced by a healthy amount of tail curve. This combination results in oodles of speed and drive off the front foot, with fantastic ability to break line and turn off the tail.  This rocker, combined with a generous amount of concave, gives the board quite a straight center line rocker and a generous rail rocker. The result of this combination is a board with plenty of lift and liveliness underfoot. The wide tail block and the rather parallel, bullet like, outline provides plenty of carry, speed and projection. The “Rocket” tail, adds much needed bite so you can easily keep the rail in the water while knifing through steeper sections or solid, rear footed carves.

For the Redux, the curves throughout the design have been subtly revised / refined from the original.  Matt has taken what he has learnt in the 10 year period since the original to improve the design with lower rails, and subtle tweaks to the concaves and rocker. The resulting design is:

“Fast, precise, playful and just plain fun, the ROCKET Redux is fast paddling, easy to ride, iconic, every day, speed burning, pocket turning, no need for good waves yearning, bullet of a board for everyone. “ Matt Mayhem Biolos

The Lost Rocket Redux ( SHOP NOW )