Make Your Own Board Course

Make Your Own Board Course dates for 2020 (BOOK NOW) at the Surfboard Studio are now live. We have spots right through the year in different times available now for you to book yourself in!! If you have ever wanted to make your own surfboard then this is the course for you.

Make Your Own Board Course

The Make Your Own Board Course is completed in small groups (4-5 people). You are supervised (with 2 instructors per group) through each stage of design and construction. With an expert, you plan out and build a surfboard from start to finish over the course of 2 Saturday sessions.

Each day of the Make Your Own Board Course is is full,hands on experience of approximately 7-10 hours. During day one you are lead through the intricacies of shaping and design. Including planning shapes, bottom contours, nose and tail, rocker lines, deck shapes and rail shapes. Here you learn fin and plug installation, including various theories around fin positioning for boards.

In day two of the Make Your Own Board Course, you move to the glassing stage. Here you learn about various techniques and materials used in glassing a surfboard. You can also opt to add logos and colours to your resin as extras at this stage. Then you cut your own cloth, mixing the resin and laminating your own board. Following this you sand and finish your board and get it ready to get in the water! At the end of the second session you come out with your own new surfboard, finished and ready to surf the next day. How good is that! Hit the link below to find out more about the Make Your Own Board Course or to book in (CLICK HERE)

If you want to buy someone a Make Your Own Board Course Gift Voucher for one of these courses hit this link (CLICK HERE)