Monday 23rd August, 13th Beach – f@#$ing sick waves

Aug 23, 2010 | News

We left at 6 in the morning after scraping the ice off the windscreen, the surf report said it was going to be 2-3 foot , we got to Beacon at 13th beach and the swell was peaking at 4-5 and solid. Stevey went out while i used my new digital SLR camera which my lovely wife  bought me for my birthday, and started snapping shots.  In the arvo we surfed the bommie at Ocean Grove at 3-4 at got some smokers.  You should have been there. There is a few picks of Steve wild our main man  smashing it up on his beloved maurice cole protow . If you want the inside out on  performance board design his the man , he works most saturdays and most arvos in summer. Dont worry bunyip will get you up as well, just take a sicky one weekday .