More Custom Surfboards

Jul 28, 2015 | News

More Custom Surfboards DHD SwitchbladeHere are a few pics of some of the more interesting custom surfboards that we’ve had come through the store for customers in the past week from Pyzel, DHD & …Lost

From DHD we have had a couple of the latest incarnation of their Switchblade model in custom dimensions plus a Sweet Spot 2.0 also in custom dimensions

DHD Switchblade collage 1 IMG_5119 DHD Switchblade collage 2IMG_4885 DHD Sweet Spot 2.0 collage 1 IMG_4889 DHD Sweet Spot 2.0 collage 2Then from …Lost we have had a Mini Driver in custom dimensions with a heavyweight glass job

IMG_4825...Lost Mini Driver collage 1 IMG_4831 ...Lost Mini Driver collage 2As well as a …Lost V2 Shortboard in custom dimensions

...Lost V2 Shortboard 1...Lost V2 Shortboard collage 1 ...Lost V2 Shortboard 2 ...Lost V2 Shortboard collage 2And this 6’1″ Pyzel Bastard round tail in custom dimensions

Pyzel Bastard custom 2 Pyzel Bastard collage 1Pyzel Bastard custom 1 Pyzel Bastard collage 2Remember if you are after custom made surfboards from any of the brands we stock – we can easily organize it for you.  Whether it be different dimensions, different construction (ie. heavier or lighter glass & EPS) , specific fin plugs or placement, sprays & more –  it can be done.  Give Damien a call at the shop on 03 9416 7384