Ocean & Earth One XT Leash

Ocean & Earth One XT LeashWe have just got in the brand new Ocean & Earth One XT Leash at Zak Surfboards.  New to the range for summer 2017, the Ocean & Earth One XT Leash is quite possibly the toughest leash in the business.

The One XT is a one piece molded leash, which unlike many leashes on the market eliminates all joins in the cord – making it’s strength consistent along the whole cord, meaning no weak points.  This combined with  the unique premium, high grade urethane used makes these leashes substantially stronger than any other.

Ocean & Earth One XT LeashThe One XT comes in kink free packaging, with nothing but high grade features and components used in the design & construction of the leash.  Vertically moulded neoprene panels are used for padding around your ankle for comfort and flexibility. The flex neck strap plug (where the cord meets the ankle strap) allows 360 degrees of movement which helps minimise tangles.  Premium marine grade free- spinning stainless steel swivels are used in these leashes – which are the best corrosion resistant swivels available.

Ocean and Earth are so confident in the quality of their new One XT Leashs that they have given you a 12 month warranty on workmanship and materials.  Full size and colour range of these are now hanging on our racks in store or you can grab one from us ONLINE