Ocean & Earth Surf Hats

With warmer weather on the way we have loaded up with the new range of Ocean & Earth Surf Hats.  Nothing really gives you the same protection as shade from the sun & these hats are the best way to ensure that you head doesn’t get fried while locking in time in the water.  There are a bunch of different styles and colours to choose from for both Men, Women and children – more traditional baseball style caps, soft brimmed bucket hats and stiff brimmed bucket hats with detachable neck flaps.  All of these caps & hats are constructed out of cool, lightweight, quick drying material – with comfortable, padded chin straps to stop them coming off.

I always thought that surfing in a hat was a bit ridiculous, but after borrowing one on a hot day a few years back, I don’t hit the water without one in the warmer  months.  Living in Australia, protection from harmful sun exposure is critical if you want to spend extended periods of time in the outdoors – grab one of these from us in store or ONLINE