DHD Phoenix

Darren’s new small-wave funboard. The perfect shape to get you amped & out there (no matter how average the conditions are).

C-Skins Rewired 4/3

If you’re after a winter wetsuit that doesn’t skimp on flexibility, then this is definitely a suit to check out.

C-Skins Wired 4/3

C-Skins Wired 4/3

Our most popular selling 43 steamer updated for Winter 2020 with a number of significant improvements

How to Wax a Surfboard

How to Wax a Surfboard

Make your wax job grippier and longer lasting – the better connection with your board, the the better the ride.

Pyzel Gremlin A

!! The Pyzel Gremlin (SHOP NOW) is now on our racks!! Designed as a Step-Down cousin to the Phantom & Ghost models. With more volume, in a shorter, wider, flatter-rockered shape for ultra-quick acceleration, easily sustained speed and plenty of paddle power.

If you love the feel of the Ghost or Phantom, but need a bit of extra zip in lackluster conditions, then the Pyzel Gremlin is the board for you! A shape to help you get excited about surfing when the waves are less-than-epic. The broad outline is complimented by a low entry rocker for easy speed and glide through the weakest, slowest sections. There is enough curve through the tail to allow for quick direction changes, meaning you can still draw the performance lines you want on smaller wave faces.

Gremlin Collage 2 Nose & Tail

Pyzel Gremlin B

Gremlin Collage 3 Nose & tail

The Pyzel Gremlin has a somewhat generous single to double concave runs through the bottom of this shape for ample lift and liveliness. There is a nice bit of Vee that runs off the tail, which helps you get it on rail and draw the tight arcs needed for small wave surfing.

All these ingredients add up to a board that paddles easily, gets up and goes fast, but still has a snappy, drivey, high-performance feel to it. If you are looking for a board that will get you speeding down the line even when it’s small, fat & mushy – but still allows you to throw down some proper turns when a section presents itself, then the Pyzel Gremlin is definitely worth a look. Available from us in store or Online