Rent a Bay

Aug 5, 2014 | Shaping

The Surfboard Studio Melbourne Rent a Bay

The Surfboard Studio in Melbourne offers Australia’s first Rent a Bay program.  No matter your skill level, regardless of whether you’ve shaped a few in your back yard or are a professional shaper, you can book a time slot. Come in and mow your foam, glass and finish you surfcraft in one of our built for purpose bays.

When you rent a bay we  have all the board building materials that you might need available on site for purchase.  In the next few weeks we will also have added an APS3000 CNC Machine that can be used to cut pre-shapes as well.

How it works:
You will need to call up and book a suitable time with us in advance
$25 hourly rate (minimum 2 hours) or a $125 flat rate per board applies
ph: 0438 416 738
note: all boards ideally will need to be completed within a 2 week period
(we will offer storage of works in progress for a fee of $5 per day/$20 per week if you need more than 2 weeks to get it done). Also the use of the APS3000 CNC is an additional charge
All the necessary tools will be provided for you to use when you rent a bay (rasps, planers, sanders, squeegees, paint brushes, grinders, sanders, sanding pads etc).
Also, all of the necessary materials that you might need to build your craft can be purchased from us on site (we can offer you a large range of blanks, cloth, resin, hardener, plugs etc – a great range of options to choose from)